Quality Pro Program

As a company dedicated to meeting the highest standards in the area of customer service, we are committed to training and image. One way we reflect this, is as a Quality Pro Company. Quality Pro is an official program set forth by the National Pest Management Association that enables a consumer to make a decision about procuring pest management services based on unparalleled standards.

Quality Pro companies must complete training and pass additional exams, over and above licensing requirements set forth by the various states. In addition to schooling, all company employees receive extensive criminal background checks, mandatory drug testing, safe driving instruction, along with customer service training.

There are additional requirements regarding company vehicles, uniforms, and general appearance.

As a company we are required to maintain active membership in our key trade organizations, hold a higher rate of insurance coverage than set forth by the state, and have no consumer complaints lodged against us. We welcome this criteria as it was not very difficult since we strived to meet most of these standards before becoming a Quality Pro company.

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